Biogas is the most versatile energy carrier that can provide all useful energy forms: electricity, heat and mechanical energy (biofuel). If purified, biogas can be perfect substitute to natural gas.

Biogas production and utilisation always goes beyond renewable energy sector as it is:

  • from feedstock side, firmly linked with agriculture, environmental protection and waste management policy
  • from production side participates at various renewable energy markets and agriculture (organic fertiliser)
  • from operation side is closely interlinked within the community via socio-economic impacts: new economic activities in rural areas, job opportunities, improved living conditions, to say the least. As methane, energy value of biogas, is 23 CO2 equivalents, biogas is an excellent tool for reduction of GHG emissions in agriculture, energy and industry sector.

Our project is about sustainable biogas market development in Central and Eastern Europe where we want to:

  • develop methodology and quantify all biogas benefits for 28 target regions in Bugaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia
  • streamline permitting procedures for biogas investments
  • streamline old and recommend new financing schemes for biogas investments

By the end of the project lifetime, we expect increased biogas investment activity in target countries and beyond.